Saturday, February 25, 2012

Colder than I thought

I finally found a decent internet connection to be able to crank this thing out, so here goes...

Alrighty, one week into being in Yokosuka, Japan and so far I'm thoroughly enjoying most parts of it.  As for the other parts that aren't being thoroughly enjoyed, I'll get to them soon enough.

The whole trek took about 20 hours total.  Fourteen hours from LAX to the HK airport (which flies right the hell over Japan, 4 hour overshoot, btw).  Then another four hours of making up for the four hours of backtracking.  Then another two hours from Narita Airport (NRT) to the Yokosuka Navy base (by bus).  Surprisingly, the twenty hours of travel weren't too bad.  Cathay Pacific had some weird pseudo-reclining method where the seat doesn't actually recline, but the cushion portion of it just kinda shifts downward.  If you were tall, you'd be effed since your knees get pulled forward toward the seat in front of you.  Not so much of a problem for me because well, fck off =p

When I first set foot down in Japan, the first sensation that I felt (which continues on to this point) could be summed up by "nippy."  It's just cold here.  I left socal cold for semi-real-ish cold.

This was the first drink I purchased.  I thought the jdm (japanese domestic market) goofiness would = tastiness, but I was wrong, hah.  I would later learn that this type of tea, which to me tastes a lot like burnt *something*, is pretty popular.

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