Saturday, February 25, 2012

Yokohama - Landmark tower

Landmark tower is Japan's tallest building (up until the official opening of the Tokyo Sky Tree in May).  There's an observation deck on the 69th floor, which is thankfully enclosed.  Take a look:

Ok, even if those obligatory videos don't tickle your fancy, this last video is actually pretty cool.  Shows the speed with which that elevator carries you down the 69 floors.  My ears popped about three times in that minute.  And yes, they've got that whole hyperdrive star-smearing effect up top.

Here's a cool panoramic shot taken with my phone:

And lastly, the world's largest ferris wheel (I think it might also be the world's largest digital clock).  I'll probably head back on a clearer day to take a ride on that thing.

On my train ride back I snapped a picture of these cute little plastic containers hanging off the straps in the train.  They might be hard to read, but they basically tell folks to stay off their cell phones when on the train =p

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