Saturday, February 25, 2012

No work = explore some more!

My supervisor has a bunch of meetings on this day, so I decided to take the opportunity to explore.  I saw a mall on the bus ride towards the base, so I figured I'd scope that out.

This mall was pretty big, about 5-6 stories high, with damn near everything you'd need: Market, clothes, IKEA-like shops, car dealerships, gym, arcade, etc.

One of the first things I saw reminded me of Kyle.  I figured he'd go nuts if he saw this play area:

Again, the video is kind of abbreviated because I was being shy about recording things =X

Just wandering the aisles of the Japenese market, I found a creepy jdm dog featured on this doggie pad packaging:

Wandering deeper, I saw an aisle full of pre-cooked tempura and other goods!

Again, yes, I was being a punani, I don't have pics of the other snacks I got.  I did buy some fried fish balls and the sesami ball with that golden cream stuff inside, it was so good!  Even though it had probably been sitting out, it was still better than fresh ones at dim sum back home!

I also saw a store that looked suspiciously like a Krispy Kreme, and I could not resist this churro-lookalike pastry.  5/10 though, kinda hard.

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