Saturday, February 25, 2012

Yokohama Chinatown!

Having never really ridden public transportation, figuring out in a foreign language was surprisingly not that difficult.  Thank you Japanese people for making it easy!

So how it typically works is you walk up to one of the pay stations, and up on the pay stations is a map of where all the available trains are headed.  The cost of the trip will depend on the distance from the station.  I didn't take a picture of this whole process because the combination of (1) foreigner trying to decipher the maps, (2) taking a long time to perform #1, and (3) fumbling around my pockets to figure out which coins to insert into the machine would probably lead to some very grumpy Japanese commuters.

Anyways, 550 yen later, I was on my way to Yokohama Chinatown via the MiratoMirai Line!

These buns were made to look like panda bears!

These were by far my favorite.  They're kind of like a hybrid dragon dumpling.  Imagine a dragon dumpling with a fried bottom.  So it's kind of like a wuo tiep + xiao long bao!

And these things are RIDICULOUSLY juicy.  I bit into one while seated on the steps of a temple, and the sumbitch shot out onto my pants/shoe.  That was almost a two foot trajectory!

Aforementioned temple + newly purchased sausage.  They looked so tasty!

I saw this advertisement.  Figured I'd keep a record of it here.  The dental office looks pretty slick, doesn't it?  Clean and modern.  More like a spa than a dental office, I think.

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