Sunday, April 22, 2012

Nikko National Park - Trio of waterfalls

Up next is Yudaki waterfall.  It was cold as hell there so I didn't spend that much time outside =p

More like water-rundownahill.  Still very neat, though.

And these are mochi balls, lightly toasted beside coals, topped with a soy/JapaneseOrange+Lemon/somethingelseIforgot.

It looks sweet, but it's actually not.  Tastes pretty orange-lemon-zesty.  I'm not a fan of such dense carb snacks, but it looked soo good.  Other people liked it quite a bit but it was too much carbohydrate for me.  

Only if the brown sauce was caramelized sugar.

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I forgot the terminology the tour guide used, but this part of the river was called something along the lines of "dragon's back."  Armed with your imagination, you should be able to picture it.

Especially down here.

Lastly is Kegon waterfall, which is a 99meter tall waterfall.  By far the most beautiful waterfall I've seen.  Stood out in the rain for a solid 30 mins sans umbrella admiring its beauty.

This stereo photo is a pretty fun one.  There's a little bit of depth to the water too.

This overhang is seriously 5 feet tall, haha.  

I was excited to take this picture, then realized that a crap tonne of hotels are way taller than 100 meters, haha.


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