Saturday, April 21, 2012

Rain? Nothing else to do but eat more ramen!

Local ramen spot that I've been frequenting.  Right across from TGIF.  Beats the shit out of the stupid ramen place right outside of the main gate.  

Two soups here.  The one with all the little white globules of fat is tonkotsu.  Very tasty, blows my mind to think what the soup would like look if it had a chance to sit and cool.  The layer of fat overlying the broth would probably scarily thick.  No matter.  I EAT.  LOTS.

The second ramen is miso ramen, I THINK.  Haha, after having the other super legit miso soup it's a bit hard to recognize less paste-like (or rather "watered down") miso.  Still not bad though.  

And lastly, another close up video of the yakitori cart.  Just for my reference.

Yeah it rained.  I just vegetated in my room.  Eat ramen, sleep, watch TV.  Aww yeah.

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