Saturday, April 14, 2012

Ramen in Yokosuka, cont.

New ramen place!

Ok, so per a recommendation of one of the office workers, I decided to head out towards this new ramen restaurant.  But, once I got there, I noticed that there were TWO ramen restaurants right next to each other.  The one the coworker recommended was empty, whereas the other one had about five Japanese folks in it.  I took a few minutes to look over the menu when I noticed a group of americans walking towards the recommended restaurant, and in they went.  One thing I've learned thus far is that if you see a group of americans in a restaurant, chances are it'll probably suck.  Trust the japanese patrons.  So into the non-recommended restaurant I went.  Sorry coworker, nothing personal =p

So, inside the restaurant, I shoot for gold, ordering their 1000 yen super miso special.  Figured I might as well go all out.  While waiting for my food my table mates, a Japanese man and his wife, struck up a conversation with me.  They spoke english quite well, and I managed to ask them if they had tried the restaurant next door.  They mentioned that it used to be good (years ago), but that the chef has since cut back on the quality of ingredients.  ZING!  Haha, my choice was justified.

And so here comes the miso ramen.  HUGE.  Shit, there was nothing to help you gauge the size of the bowl.

Introducing my hand VS big fucking bowl.  I've always considered large bowls of ramen to be roughly the size of a basketball cut in half, but this bowl eclipsed that.  This was roughly 15-20% larger than the size of a basketball cut in half.  

So is it all quantity over quality?  NO!  Soup was VERY rich, very very miso rich.  It was almost paste-like, a super thick broth.  I've read about how miso can definitely leave you feeling full, almost like eating a heavy pasta-rich meal.  Didn't know what people meant until I sampled this ramen.  So rich.  So thick.  So_damn_good.  

As for the meat, there were two large sheets of char su, each roughly about 3.5inches long by 2 inches wide.  Real tender and tasty.  Along with the two pieces of meat came another piece of pork that had been slow-cooked to rediculous tenderness.  This piece was about an inch thick :O.  

Don't even need to ask, hell yes I'll be back.  It's south on 16 from the base, it's right across the street from the wannabe Denny's.  It's the one without the red lanterns outside. 

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