Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Post-Baby-Tsunami eating

It was the middle of the week when out of nowhere I noticed that the wind really started to kick up while I was at work.  I noticed because I normally crack open the window a tad in my exam room to keep things a bit cooler as they set the heater on way too high.  It must feel warm to me because my new muscles are jumpstarting the old metabolism again!  Forget 27, 21 year old Eric here I come!  Haha.

Back to the subject.  Anyways, the winds picked up because there was a potential tsunami headed our way.  Fast forward a few hours, and most people who don't live on base tried to get the fuck off of it ASAP just in case.  It wasn't that big a deal, otherwise I figured they would have evacuated me, being on damn near waterfront propertly and all.  

After a night of howling winds (they had enough gusto to lift the super heavy big trash can lids outside), the next day was calm, to reveal this:

It was slightly difficult to capture, but the ocean water was exceptionally blue.  Aquamarine to try to be more precise.  It's normally a lot darker in color.  And that's ruling out it being a sunny day too.  It's weird what crazy weather is capable of.

Weather aside, the middle of the week means one thing: 94yen sushi!  This time I tried a few new things (in addition to the previous goodies that I've posted pics of).

I also bought a couple things from the local 7-11 like place, called Lawsons.

This white chocolate, not so good, haha.  Packaging was cool though.  All the chocolates are angled sideways, ready to be pulled out of the box.

This Meiji ice cream was super tasty.  It was so pretty I needed to take a picture before going all n0m n0m on its tasty ass.  

And right before I got back to my room, look here!  I've got a new placard on my door.  Apparently my door is metal, so now I'm wondering if I could find any other cool fridge magnets to stick on my door.  Something like," 'Merica, FUCK YEAH!"  =p

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