Sunday, April 1, 2012

Surprise of the day and Shiraito/Otodome waterfalls

After we left the temple, I wasn't really sure where we were headed.  I knew that we were heading to a pit stop area where we could buy lunch, but not much else.  

Bought myself pork katsu.  Apparently there is a farm nearby, so everything is produced here locally.  The katsu was made with a VERY thick pork chop, which was surprising.  I never knew that this was how it was meant to be like =p  Very tasty.  The third most annoying kid of the day was sitting next to me while I was waiting for my meal.  This little shit stick was unwilling to eat the food, just being a brat because it wasn't what he was used to.  The first thing that came to mind when he opened his stupid little mouth was what Holden Caulfield in The Catcher In the Rye would say, that he was a lousy, "crumby" kid.  Third child I would have gladly thrown off the bus.

With a farm comes cows, with cows comes yummy ice cream!  Very tasty, the ice cream was very rich, creamy, just almost velvety.  This was a cream/green tea mix.  I'm glad I didn't just get green tea.  As I mentioned, the Japanese like their green tea strong.  This ice cream was no exception.

Hai world's most useless and uncomfortable bench that nobody was willing to sit on.

And BAM, here it was, the highlight of my day.  Mount freakin' Fuji!  I'm sorry to say, but my crappy phone camera couldn't capture how magnificent this mountain truly was.  It just rose out of the ground so majestically, I had never seen anything like it.  I was in awe.  It was actually much closer than these pictures show.

As I was snapping some pictures, this family decided to follow suit.  I then saw this cute little bastard striking some awesome poses.  I couldn't run around fast enough to get the angle, but look at that toe-point!  Work it, son!

Hah, look at his face, he'll do what he wants!  

And here we are, leaving Mt. Fuji.  Bye bye beautiful mountain.  Mountains back home aren't nearly as impressive.

Next up was Shiraito and Otodome waterfalls, all within the same Shizuoka area as Mt. Fuji.

This storefront reminded me of the kid that I took pictures of, the one up above.

Local street vendor with all types of seafood-y goodness: fish, clams, squid, etc.  I knew that I still had a 4-5 hour bus ride back so I didn't chance it =p

Sorry, with no pepto in hand, eating these things was out of the question, haha.

And boom, Shiraito waterfall!

100% certified Japanese rainbow.  It might be smaller than your average rainbow, but just look at the accuracy of the color representation.  Seriously.

And here I am leading you down to Otodome waterfall...

Beautiful, yes?  Looks kind of like a movie set.  Something you'd expect the protagonists to accidentally stumble upon, like finding a lost world of sorts.  And look at how clear the water was:

One of the stores had a weird assortment of classic apple goodies.  I'm sure these would net a good amount on ebay...

And here is dinner.  We only had 20 minutes and I couldn't make up my mind, so I gotta some of these fried beef/fish ball thingies.  Tasty.

And this one drink is very similar to those small little peach-colored drinks that come in the small little plastic bottle with the red foil.  Similar, but with more of a fruity aftertaste.  Very good!

Take a look at his shoes.  The male bus drivers here have a weird tendency to wear those gladiator-ish type of shoes.  And I should add, these guys drive the buses EXTREMELY well.  Sometimes I have no idea how they manage to put the bus around corners at the speeds they do without any tire screeching or uncomfortable tossing around of occupants.

That's it for this weekend.  Good fun.

There was just one baby that would not shut up during the whole 9 hour drive.  I'd lie if I didn't say that I inadvertently devoted about 30 mins or so of coming up with ways of shutting it up.  Method #1 by far was to throw it out the window.  Method #2 included bringing a spray bottle filled with Benadryl-laced water, which I would spray into the mouth of the baby.  Method #3 was to throw it out the window.  Yes, I really did give it some serious thought.

I was subjected to probably ~1-1.5 hours of crying after summing up all the crying throughout the whole 9 hour drive.  Today when a baby cried in the patient waiting area my knees felt weak.

Ah yes, a shout out to inconsiderate/selfish parents, fuck you.

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