Sunday, March 18, 2012

Back to Hakone, first up, Open Air Museum

Per recommendations of Marcos, I finally found a Suntory drink to try.  You know the apple juice portion of this contains real apples when the expiration date is within the year!  And the place where I bought this has a LOT of foot traffic, so I highly doubt it was old product.  I hope, anyways.  

Here it is, it was super tasty, it had a apple-cidery richness to its aftertaste.  Very different from the super-sweet high fructose corn syrup shit we have at home, blech.  

Suntory drink in hand, we were off to Hakone, which is one of the towns bordering Mount Fuji.  Hakone is very well known for its hot springs.  Yunessun, the hot spring play area that I went to earlier on this month, is also in Hakone.  The first stop was to the Hakone open air museum.  There's a special hall based on Picasso's life and work, and also works from some folks I think I may have heard of (Rodin, Bourdelle?) Where you at, Mike?!

This next piece is entitled, "gotcha, bitch!"

_ ha - _ ha - _hia!

And here was something kinda fun.  You enter in through the black box-looking room in the background, you go underground, through some winding passages, to end up coming out of the glass cube.  I was taking some of those stop-motion GIFs for passage through this thing, but some fucking kids ran down there while I was taking pics and effed it all up.  

The grass may be greener on the other side, but this here chunk of grass looks like cawk and balls.

Ok, no more penis jokes.  This is what happens when I'm at a museum without a tour guide like Mike!

Japanese Jenga makes American Jenga look like a pussy =p

Artfully framed photo, check.

These tulips (?) were more striking than the ones I've seen at home, the part with the seeds (stamen?) were more colorful than I recall.  

The inside of the symphonic tower, 5-6 stories of stained glass.  Very pretty, even on a super-overcast day.

I had a double-spiral staircase, which I thought was pretty awesome.

Hakone is famous for its hot springs because of its underlying mountain, Mount Hakone.  Mount Hakone used to be an active volcano, but has since fizzled down, releasing pressure+water instead of farking lava.  

The open air museum is situated right over some of the hot springs, so they "lease" some of their hot spring water to some of the surrounding areas.  Not to be outdone by their leasees, they have a free foot bath!  This was an extra score for me, as I was worried that my pants would be too tight to pull up, disallowing me from dunking my feet/legs!  Thankfully my pants made it up to my knees, barely haha.

The symphonic tower from the outside.  I was trying to make a reference to a retired eye of sauron, but couldn't think of anything, haha.

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