Wednesday, March 28, 2012

HAMAZUSHi, 94yen per plate sushi!

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And here we are again, Wednesday afternoon, where I get the second half of the day off.  I fully worked up seven full patients in the first half of the day, so I was glad to have a little break.  Wanting Needing my weekly sushi fix, I read up about a local (and when I say local, I mean it) sushi place that offered a flat rae per plate.  Hamazushi was it.  94 yen per plate on the weekdays.  NINETY FOUR YEN!  

As for local, it was retardedly local.  Not walk 45 minutes like an idiot local, or spend 5 dollars in train fees type of local, but literally a 5 minute walk from my room local.  

Just walk down blue street (coming from the base), and on the 3rd intersection, look left.  You'll see this huge yellow building, Hamazushi is at the foot of the building.  If you look right at that intersection you'll see Pepper Lunch and Mister Donut.  

Aforementioned foot of yellowbuilding:

Ok, so when you get there, there's this one machine that gives you a number.  There was no english translation, so I had to ask a lady how to work the machine.  First, you choose how many are to be seated.  FYI, ou have to press kinda hard, it's a weak capacitive LCD screen.  Then, if you're by yourself, hit the middle of the three options, that one's for a bar seat.  I think the first one was a table, but I didn't concern myself with that because I was eating alone.  The machine will issue you a number.  Considering the hostesses announced the 3 digit number at the speed of light, my number was useless.  I just responded to their calls after the person before me was last called, haha.

Here the LCD system is newer, so it's much easier to see what you're ordering.

And they offered me an english menu, too.  This one is full sized so you could check out the details when you click.

I always start out with 2 quick orders because these places don't give you separate plates for soy sauce and wasabi.  

The musical little note they play here is much less obnoxious than the one at point 100 sushi.

How you're expected to prepare your own tea:

Fresh wasabi kicked my ass.  Apparently there IS a wrong way to eat sushi laced with super powered wasabi.  Just make sure you don't have a habit of separating the fish from the rice in your mouth, pressing the little ball of wasabi up against the soft palate of your throat.

Still one of my favorites, although I shamefully feel a little too american for liking this plate =p  Must be the fact that it's got cheese and it's toasted.

Marinated tuna AKA the oldest tuna we've got.  I knew what I was getting myself into, but I knew the marinade would be tasty. And it was!

Again, this toro's got nothing on Kats at Wasabi.  But reminder, it's 94 yen.  And that's AFTER taxes, yo.

All in all, made out like a bandit.  11 plates for ~1034yen, which is like 12-13 US dollars.

I'm sorry Point 100 sushi, you're just too damn far and this place is just as good AND cheaper.  

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