Sunday, March 25, 2012

Japan County Fair and Shibuya

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On Sunday I woke up to this:

As I later found out, the base opens its doors to the public 2-3 times a year.  Japanese people LOVE visiting the base.  

...and now I know why.  That fat slab there cost me 10 bucks!  This place was like the LA fair.  There were ribs, steaks, those big turkey legs, cotton candy, beer, etc.  It was funny because quite a few people were there for "american" pizza.  Japanese folks have their own pizza, which looks kinda too healthy for its own good =p  

This place was like Disneyland.  It's odd because the base is usually so quiet.

Much like how the Japanese variety of items offered at Mcdonalds intrigues me, these folks were also interested enough to snap a couple photos.

Street performers don't their diablo-thing.  Reminds me of Jason back in elementary school.  

And now I've arrived at my intended location, Shibuya in Tokyo, which is one of the local places to go for youth fashion.  Here you'll find all the super high end stores all juxtaposed next to the ghetto-looking hip hop stores =p.  

This is the famous Shibuya crossing that's at the outlet of the train station.  It reminds me of Time's Square, but the difference is that this thing is PACKED ALL_DAY_LONG.  Traffic is stopped in all directions and the street is fully opened to ped crossing.

Whatcha got on that, 3 story Montebello mall Forever 21?!

You'll never be left wanting of a good steak, haha.  Outback's got you covered.

"Ok, so for this next shot, give me your best I-just-shit-my-pants look"

It's Hermeeeees!

The batter had hints of ginger in it, very unique!  Fried chicken doesn't taste like this back at home.

And my turn to reciprocate, the stupid American taking pictures of a Japanese Mcdonalds.

The "Beverly Hills" burger as it's called.  Looks pretty good.  I think it'd be like a 6-7 dollar burger after the exchange rate though =p

Dayna would have shit her pants if she saw this.

Much prettier at nighttime!


A downward look at the Shibuya crossing at nighttime:

And for dinner, Coco Ichiban, or just "coco's" as it's called by most on base.  There are two Coco's near base, apparently this one tastes better so I gave it a try.

You specify the type of curry you want (pork or beef), the type of meat, the spiciness level (1-10, 5 gives an itty-bitty bite), and how many grams of rice you want (100+ grams).

Topped with egg!  The curry here is wonderful, very rich and flavorful.

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