Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Point 100 yen Sushi in Yokosuka

I was reading a food blog focusing on Yokosuka and they recommended this good, budget sushi place.  The kicker here is mostly everything is all 100yen, the exception not being fish, but things like tempura, drinks, soup, etc.  Sooo, the good stuff is actually the cheapest stuff on the menu!  

Just like the other sushi place I went to, it's a conveyor belt place.  But, this place was a super-automated conveyor belt restaurant.  Once you get seated, you don't need to speak to an attendant until you want your check (it might be more seamless, but hell I the ordering/checkout system is in Japanese).

So, you get seated, and there's a wet nap on the table, but no napkins (napkins seem oddly optional in Japan).  Then you witness this:

That little screen up there is the ordering screen, you share the screen with one other person if  you're sitting at the bar.  So you scroll through and if you don't know Japanese, or can't decipher faded-ass LCD screens, you cross reference the name of the fish with the monitor.  You submit your order and p00f, when the dish nears your seat, the bastard will start beeping to let you know!  Once you finish your food, you then slide them into the plate chute that sits straight ahead of you.

The scallops were excellent!  Very tender and also very sweet.  I know that Michelle would like them since they had very very trace amounts of wasabi in them.

The tempura was extra light, flakey, and crispy, which contrasted with tempura from home, which usually isn't as light and flakey.

Chopped toro still doesn't compare to Sushi Wasabi's, but hell, it's a dolllarrrrr.

Ten plates proud! 

Final bill was 1050!  That translates to about 13ish dollars.  I ate a LOT more at this place than at the previous place (took a lot of exercise to get here). 

It actually took about 35-40 minutes to walk from my place to Point, which was totally worth it.  Given my pace, I'd estimate this place to be about 2.5 miles away.  Apparently there is a better place down south, but it's nearly double the distance, and I am not attempting that walk!

Directions to Point 100 yen sushi:

The one thing that drove me crazy about all the food blogs is that none of them described exactly WHERE this damned place was.  I kinda knew the general vacinity, but being on foot, it was kind of a bitch not knowing where I was walking.  And boy was I walking...

Just for reference, hopefully some other foot-bound wanderer might find this handy.  Walk out the main or secondary gate at the navy base, go left towards the 7-11.  You're gonna stay on 16th the WHOLE way, do not deviate!  Anyways, follow all the signs to stay on 16th, you will pass about 2 Honda dealerships on this walk.  Once you're about 25 minutes into the walk or so, 16th will split to the left.  If you continue straight you'll find yourself on the 134.  Stay left, the street will curve to the left only to run alongside the street you were previously on, now the 134.  Another 10 mins or so on 16th after it straightens out and you should see Point on the left, it's a big 3 story building with a bunch of sushi pictures plastered all over it.  It's the building right BEFORE PC Depot.  From the smaller gate of the base, this walk should take you about 30-35mins.   

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