Monday, March 12, 2012

Back to Minato Mirai!

On a mission, I was.  The weather was really nice that day (not as nice as it was today though), so I figured I'd get a ride on the biggest freakin' ferris wheel in the WORLD. [EDIT-ok, I found out it's not the biggest one in the world =p] And I think it was the biggest digital clock in the world, too [EDIT-this one's true though, hah].

And a formidable ferris wheel, it is.

From inside:

The rooftop of that building has a mini-golf course!  Minigolf in japan is so different, it sounds stupid, but it's REALLY miniature.  No large curved areas, or huge houses with multi-level ball-drops.  On second thought, golfland arcade at home just got bulldozed, so I guess socal doesn't have it either =((((((

This building was a spa, with a rooftop foot bath.

Just walking through the arcade I noticed this game, it was similar to the Buzz Lightyear ride at Disney, except with technodragon-thingies!

And look here, this cold stone actually has people in it.  Weird huh?  Always so empty at the socal locations.

And lastly, 3d taiyaki!  What is taiyaki you ask?  It is a like a fish-shaped enclosed waffle-cake-thing.  They usually come fill with things like red bean, green bean, chocolate, peanut butter.  Here I got one filled with red bean, but topped with vanilla and caramel.  

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