Monday, March 5, 2012

Tokyo Tower - JDM Eiffel Tower

This thing is TALLER and takes up a WAYYYY smaller footprint than the Eiffel Tower.  Primarily it's from the use of steel over iron that offers it those benefits.  Anyways, I forgot the obligatory shot of the whole tower, so here's one from google, just to get an idea:

What you see below is a 145meter downwards view to the ground.  Throughout the observation deck are these nausea-inducing floor-mounted windows.

Views from around the Tokyo Tower.  There are actually a lot of cemeteries surrounding it =x  Mount Fuji is visible on clear days, but a clear day it was not.

Obligatory shot.  I couldn't fit inside the damn thing.  It actually had a joystick and pedals inside the cockpit.

My tour buddy, who happened to be one of the patients I was called in to examine.  She said she didn't want to look stupid posing like a robot, hah =p

At lunch I was amazed at the size of the creamers.  They're thimble-sized!

I could not resist the waffles.  I ordered myself a almond and caramel waffle.  Damned good.

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