Sunday, March 11, 2012

Calories in liquid form please!

Quick quip here.

The Japanese don't like to drink their calories.  Yeah, there are coffee shops, but coffee is coffee, I don't really see it as a dessert-type of drink.  There are no Jamba Juices, no Half and Halfs, but most importantly, no AU green tea shops =(

I definitely miss my AU green tea and my pink boba.  There's this one stupid store that makes things even more difficult:

They sell cell phones, though.  *Shakes fist.

On a brighter note [PUN], I'm starting to think that the lack of green tea is allowing my teeth to regain their prior-to-discovering-how-tasty-green-tea-is shades of whiteness.  Well, it's either that or my bathroom mirror's fluorescent lighting is playing tricks on me.

-edit - I haven't had a chance to add in all of this past weekend's updates, but it'll be done by tomorrow!

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