Monday, March 5, 2012

Fuck it, back to the fun stuff

First, thanks to all the kind words from the lovely folks around me.  If it weren't for all of you I'd probably still be all grumpy, kicking around dirt (or mud, it's raining here surprise surprise).

This was in a fortune cookie from the local Panda Express (I found this on March 2):

And I got this note from the Meiji Jingu shrine in Tokyo.  Picking out one of these waka poems is very similar to how mom picks out her fortunes from that bamboo cup thing.  There's a bunch of little wooden sticks sitting inside a box, each stick having a certain code number.  Shaken vigorously, one of these little wooden sticks will pop out of a small hole on the side of the box.  The helpers then read off the number and fetch you the corresponding waka poem.

All these pics are clickable btw.

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