Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Random Wednesday updates...

Even though I live about 20 meters away from Tokyo bay, it is VERY dry out here, almost Riverside-dry.  It's odd, I'm thinking it's because of the constant need to have the heater running.  

Anyways, I was looking around town (both Japan and the base), and I wasn't able to find a cheap and decent humidifier.  The ones from Japan are cutesy little ones that spew a light mist, but those sonsofbitches were expensive, not even counting the exchange rate.  And oddly enough, the base doesn't even carry humidifiers.  The crazy-humid weather during summer necessitates a dehumidifier, so I guess people just put up with dry skin in the winter.  I, however, cannot.  I tend to wake myself up by scratching at dry spots.

On my second visit to the "target"  in two days (second visit because I was hoping to hell I just happened to miss seeing the humidifier the day prior), an epiphany hit.  It was one of those, "DUH, IDIOT!" moments.  Humidifiers don't do anything special but put water into the air--I didn't need a "humidifier" humidifier.  So I started considering the following: rice cooker, water heater, vegetable steamer, electric oven + pot.  Then this little $24.99 gem caught my eye:

Hells yeah, vegetable steamer.  This thing can steam up about a gallon of water in an hour.  It's annoying as hell because it's got a built in timer (tick tick tick, DING!) but once the waters boiling at full tilt I can't hear the ticking anyhow.

Humidity?  FIXED.

And I was fortunate enough to receive a package from the lovely girlfriend.  I spend four weeks trying to get friggen SWOL and she's conspiring to undo it all =p

And by chance, remember where I mentioned that I had this tasty meal?

Finally got around to taking a picture of it.  No idea what it's called, but from base, all you do is walk down Blue St, and I think it's at the first intersection, on the right side.  I think that 100yen thing means that all prices have been discounted 100 yen for the month of march.

So, on Wednesday, I was hankering for some more Point 100yen sushi!  The only difference this time was that I figured that I could take a train out there.  Cut the damn 45 minute walk to a 15-20 minute walk+train.

The toasted mayonnaise-looking white stuff on the shrimp reminds me of how Matt and his family makes their salmon.  So goood.

Surf clams not so good =p  100yen can only get you so far with some sushi, haha.

My experience at Point this time was slightly soured by the lip-smacking motherfucker sitting next to me.  His eating habits caught me off guard, as the Japanese people I've encountered so far aren't rude assholes when eating.  I'm about 90% sure he was a mainland Chinese guy, (1) because of his stupid-ass eating habits, (2) he didn't order anything from the LCD ordering system, (3) he didn't dress like most older Japanese folks.

I think Ellen would agree with me when I say that I hate fucking chinese people.  Mainland chinese at least =p

I'm not gonna water this down with an apology, stop being disgusting chinese people. 

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